Ages 8+ The most important of dance techniques.  Learn proper technique and body alignment.  Ballet will enhance all forms of dance as well as other athletic activities.

Junior Ballet
Ballet for ages 4-7

Ages 8+ Learn classic and contemporary forms of jazz. Technique and placement will also be an important part of this style of dance.  You will learn different choreography and how to interpret the music. Ballet experience preferred (required for Intermediate and Advanced)

Musical Theater Jazz

Ages 10+ Learn the steps to help Musical Theater performances. 

Ages 10+.  Learn to dance to the lyrics.  Incorporates jazz, ballet, and modern.  Contemporary dance will also be explored. The music is used to tell a story through movement. Ballet experience needed.

Junior Jazz
Jazz for ages 5-7

Junior Lyrical
Lyrical for age 6-9

Ages 12+ or teacher approval. Learn different forms of modern dance.  A dance style which has no boundaries and does not have to tell a story.  Partnering and improvisation are also explored. Ballet experience needed.

Ages 8+ Learn classical tap steps done to all different types of music. A wonderful way to learn rhythm and movement. Dance your troubles away!

Leaps and Turns
Ages 8+ Focus on the technique of leaps and turns


Tap/Jazz/Ballet Age 4-8 Introduces children to 3 different styles of dance.  Each week we will focus on 2 of the forms of dance

Creative Movement
Learn the fundamentals of dance through movement and imagination.  Wonderful class for 2-4 year olds.